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July 2020 Update: KPIs, Intelligent RACI, and Notifications

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf


I'm excited to announce a few recent product changes, including the hotly awaited KPIs feature.

What's New in Minsilo for July#

We've made a ton of improvements to the product over the past month.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)#

KPIs have been a hotly awaited feature for Minsilo. A few days ago, we publicly launched the beta of our KPI dashboard.

How KPIs relate to goals#

Both KPIs and goals measure performance of a project or team, but they have some notable differences.

KPIs focus primarily on measuring performance (e.g. measure where we currently are), while goals focus on setting the direction for a group's future (e.g. specifying where we want to go). Most successful teams set goals and track KPIs.

Leading and trailing indicators#

Although leading and trailing indicators are not inherently part of the KPI framework, our research finds that they're an important distinction of successful performance tracking. Our approach to KPIs has been heavily influenced by the Four Disciplines of Execution model (4DX).

How we made KPIs smarter#

Along with distinguishing between leading and trailing indicators, another principle we have adopted from 4DX is a regular cadence of review. While the book recommends a weekly cadence of review, we realize that some KPIs require more or less frequent review cycles. Minsilo supports the following cadences of review:

  • Daily
  • Weekly (Fridays)
  • Bi-weekly (14th and 28th of every month)
  • Monthly (1st of every month)

Group members that are assigned to a specific KPI receive a notification email reminding them to update their KPIs for the specified cadence. This notification emails helps ensure KPIs are actively tracked and provide a meaningful snapshot into how things are progressing. We believe that tracking KPIs, rather than time, is a better way to measure performance and output of individuals in your teams.

Example: how Minsilo is using KPIs for tracking growth#

Internally, we're using KPIs to track the performance of our marketing and sales campaigns. Since a lot of our process relies on daily, weekly and monthly activities, it is important to get a snapshot of how things are progressing towards our long term revenue goals.

Here's an example of how we use both OKRs (goals) and KPIs:

Objective: Increase revenue through new customer subscriptions
Key Result: Acquire 25 new customers by the end of Q3
Leading KPI #1: Reach out to 15 prospective customers per day
Leading KPI #2: Add 30 leads to our prospecting list per day
Trailing KPI: Book 25 demos per week
Trailing KPI: Convert 25% of those who complete a demo

Let's walk through each component.

First, our objective is to increase revenue. This objective is high level enough that everybody โ€“ from marketing to engineering โ€“ should be able to understand what it means. Our key result is also clear: we specifically want to acquire 25 new customers by the end of Q3.

Next, we set a couple leading KPIs. These are the day-to-day activities that we should be measuring in order to reach our goal. Since these lead to an outcome and can be measured in the near-term, they're leading indicators. If we don't add new prospects to the pipeline, we won't be able to close 25 deals in this quarter.

Finally, we also measure a couple trailing indicators. In this case, booking demos is the result of our prospecting efforts along with converting 25% of those who complete a demo. This gives us a good idea of the outcomes of our prospecting efforts. These trailing indicators give us clear visibility into how many of our demos lead to sales, which helps us adjust our strategy over time.

Intelligent RACI#

Accountability is the cornerstone of autonomy. As part of our goal to help teams be more autonomous, we're introducing a new feature called Intelligent RACI.

Intelligent RACI transforms the existing RACI โ€“ responsible, accountable, consulted, informed โ€“ designations inside of Minsilo. Users who are assigned as "responsible" or "accountable" to strategies or goals will now receive timely updates about the work that they're involved in.

Revamped notifications#

We've improved the experience around notifications and emails.

You now have control over the types of email notifications that you receive.

Various improvements & changes#

We've also fixed several bugs and improved the user experience in a variety of areas.

  • The strategy page now has a List view, in addition to the previous grid view.
  • The app now opens to the past you were last on, so you don't need to find your place again.
  • The full screen UI for contributions, purposes, strategies, and goals has been redesigned to improve usability.


  • Groups now have an overhauled experience, allowing for easier control over team settings, tags, users and integrations.
  • Group admins can now remove tags that belong to their teams.
  • Groups can now represent teams, projects, departments, business units, and partnerships.
  • Creators of workspaces can now configure their workspace's name.
  • Data can now be exported from a workspace.
  • Admins can request their workspace be deleted.
  • We now have a free tier for Minsilo. This allows teams of up to 10 people to use Minsilo for an unlimited amount of time, with reasonable usage limits.
  • Admins of workspaces can now subscribe to paid tiers of Minsilo.
  • You can now manage your billing details, invoices, and cancel your subscription securely through the Stripe Customer Portal.

June 2020 Update: Better purposes and strategy and more...

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf


First of all, I want to thank everybody who submitted feature requests, bug reports, and other general feedback over the course of the past month! We're nothing without your feedback and support, so we mean it when we say. Thank you!

I also want to reiterate my statement a couple weeks back. Racism, discrimination and hatred have no place in this world. As a company that has inclusion as a core value, we must stand up for justice and equity for underrepresented groups. Black Lives Matter.

What's New in Minsilo for June#

The past month has been a productive one here at Minsilo. Here's what's new:

Tagging in OKRs and Contributions#

Tagging of OKRs and contributions is now available. This allows you to add additional metadata to Key Results and better connect it to other contextual information in Minsilo (such as strategy).

New Purpose and Strategy documentation tools#

Purpose and Strategy have been overhauled completely. We've redesigned the interface to be more logically laid out. We've also added rich text editing support with the following key features:

  • Full support for headings, bold / italic text, text colors
  • Tables
  • Unlimited depth lists
  • Image uploads
  • Video embeds
  • Markdown shortcuts (like "#" to start a heading)

We've also added support for custom colors, added a length limit to titles of strategies, and simplified the UI between strategy and purpose (so they look much more similar now).

New Documentation Site#

You're reading this update on our new Knowledge Center website.

As part of our push to make Minsilo more usable by self-service teams, we're investing more time into documenting our product, the use cases surrounding it, and additional details on the underlying methodology behind Minsilo: alignment management. We've also moved over the contents of our Product Updates to the same site as our new product documentation.

We're looking for help prioritizing the creation of new content. Please send me an email if you have a suggestion for content on the new Knowledge Center.

Improved stability and usability#

We've fixed several bugs and made some UX improvements to Minsilo, as well. These include:

  • Email address validation on "Invite Users to Group" form.
  • Overhauled the interface for blank states in Purposes, Strategies, and Objectives
  • Sidebars now adapt to the content in them, so you never have to worry about having a sidebar that is too narrow for the content.
  • Added a refreshed loader experience when waiting for a page to load
  • Various CSS fixes and minor bug fixes.