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Minsilo is an alignment management software platform. It was designed to make your life easier, by connecting you and your team with the context needed to do great work. Minsilo was built to enable you to spend less time in meetings and on emails, allowing you to focus on the highest impact activities and initiatives.

Create some goals#

A key component of Minsilo is the ability to align varying parts of your team's strategic plan together. Before we can focus on alignment, we need to set goals.

Goals in Minsilo are based on the Objective and Key Result ("OKRs") framework. This is a popular framework used by Google, the Gates Foundation, Intel and many Silicon Valley startups. In short, OKRs can be broken down to two key levels of goal setting:

  • Objectives, which are high level aspirational statements. Examples include:
    • Get customers to use our entire portfolio of products
    • Decrease customer churn
    • Improve code quality
  • Key Results, which explain how to know whether an objective is met. Examples include:
    • Get at least 35% of customers who use Product X to also use Product Y
    • Offer more flexible payment terms
    • Increase test coverage from 15% to 75% by the end of Q3

Not sure what goals to set for your team? Minsilo gives you access to a gallery of possible Objectives and Key Results.

Not using OKRs?

No problem! Minsilo is flexible in this regard.

To get the most out of Minsilo's Goals feature, we recommend breaking goals into high-level overviews and specific sub-goals that provide a degree of measurement to your goals.