Introduction to Minsilo

Minsilo is the easiest way for leaders to manage alignment directly.

Here in the Knowledge Center, you'll find in-depth content about the way Minsilo works, how it is used in teams, and how to best utilize its capabilities. You can also find product-specific documentation, which covers specific features of the product and how they work.

What is Minsilo?#

Minsilo is an alignment management suite. It is built specifically to help managers and leaders manage alignment directly. This enables managers to:

  • Reduce the time their team spends in meetings and emails (especially related to status reporting and business context)
  • Empower their teams to do better work, by connecting their work to the big picture
  • Execute on the right strategy, at the right time, to achieve the mission of the business

Resources you might find useful#

Here are a few resources that we think new users might find helpful: